Freshwater Invasives – Networking for Strategy (FINS-II)
11th to 14th July 2016


University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture (UNIZG-AFZ) and Aquaculture Advisory Commission (EIFAAC) will host an international conference that will address key topics relating to freshwater invasive animal and plant species, including aquatic pathogens (eg. bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites).

The primary objective of the conference is to provide a forum where international scientists, policy makers and stakeholders will address designated themes with a view to informing management and policy development in this increasingly important area. The themes that will provide the focus for deliberations during the conference will be:

  • Pathways and vectors for the spread of freshwater invasive fish species
  • Impacts of introduced freshwater invasive species
  • Risk management and prevention of secondary spread for freshwater invasive species
  • Freshwater invasions in a time of global social and climate change
  • Best practice for the control of freshwater invasive species
  • Invasion ecology of freshwater invasive species
  • The role of citizen science in invasion biology

Invited experts from around the globe will address the above themes, with ample time given to panel discussion. Workshop sessions led by the keynote speakers and other experts, as required, will provide the main focus of the conference and will be arranged to facilitate involvement of all delegates in relatively small groups. Synthesis sessions will aim to draw firm conclusions from the discussions and put forward concrete recommendations that will inform both national and international policy makers.

Call for Poster Abstracts

While the oral presentations will be given by invited speakers, posters that address the themes listed above will form an integral part of the conference proceedings, increasing the opportunity for networking during the conference. The Organising Committee invites abstracts of posters, no more than 300 words (in English language only), to be submitted on this page finsconference.eu/abstract by 15thMarch 2016.

Preliminary Programme

Monday 11thJuly              Registration, Opening address and Reception

Tuesday 12thJuly              Invited speakers address the conference

Poster session

Wednesday 13thJuly       Workshop sessions

Poster session

Thursday 14thJuly            Synthesis session (morning)

Field trip (afternoon)

Banquet in Zagreb (evening)

Further information regarding registration fees and accommodation are available on this links: registration and accommodation.